Third Sunday of Easter

This weekend our Parish celebrates First Communion with our Parish children and their families.  Like other Sacraments, it gives us a moment to hopefully remember our First Communion.  With all its expectations, with all its joys and memories, with what was the first time in many times of sharing in the Body and Blood of Christ.

Something I have done for many years is to ask the children if their parents have told them about their First Communion.  IF they have not, I give the parents “homework”.  Recently when I did this, I also shared, if their parents do not do so by the coming Tuesday, they can call me.  To which one child asked, “what is your phone number?”

As we know, every day is not our best day and there are those really bad days.

Today, in the Gospel we hear of two followers of Jesus, (who were probably husband and wife), on their way home to Emmaus.  And it was not a good day.  Jesus in whom they had put their faith, hope and love had died.  They felt sad, dejected, betrayed… they wanted to cry.

But then they happen upon a stranger, someone they seemingly did not know, with whom they begin a conversation and with whom they eventually invite into their home for the night.

And then at supper, they recognize who the stranger is… It is Jesus.

As the Scripture Reading says, “they came to know Jesus in the breaking of the bread.”

This Gospel story today is a reminder to us that we are nourished by the Lord from two tables: the table of the Word and the table of the Eucharist.

Every week we are invited to come to the feast of Heaven and Earth!  Come to the table of plenty, (where) God will provide for all that we need.

And so, we come to the table of plenty – we come to Mass in season and out, when life is easy, when life is challenging, when we have the answers and when we do not have the answers…

We come to the table, we come to Mass knowing deep down within our being that Jesus, our Lord and Savior is truly the way, the truth and the life – for the life we live and walk each day.

In knowing and coming to know Jesus more and more, we are able to:

  • Forgive more and more
  • Love more and more
  • Care more and more
  • Share more and more
  • Live our Faith more and more
  • Share Jesus more and more

…at home, work, school, church…

May we all continue to recognize Jesus especially when we gather as we do today, every weekend.  And when your heart begins to burn within you, pay attention, listen and give thanks… it is Jesus reminding us that he wishes to be part of our life today and every day here on Earth, as it will be in Heaven.