Third Sunday of Easter

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily from the Third Sunday of Easter: CLICK HERE! 

In today’s Gospel we hear about the large number of fish that the Disciples caught and then as they near shore there is Jesus, who says to them, come and have breakfast.  (fish and bread)

This my friends is not only a reminder that we need to eat.  Maybe this was the original reminder that breakfast is the most important meal of the day… But it is also a reminder of the Eucharist/Holy Communion.

The Eucharist – the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ – is meant to nourish us for the living of our daily lives as people of faith, as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are called to be Jesus and bring Jesus to the world of today.  We cannot be or bring Jesus to the world, if we do not know Jesus and the Eucharist is THE Sacrament of Sacraments that brings us closer and closer to Jesus and his word and his way.

In today’s Gospel, what we see after the death and resurrection of Jesus is his disciples getting back to work and being fishermen.  They do what fishermen do, they go fishing.

But the appearance of Jesus is meant to remind the disciples that the RESURRECTION is still at work in their lives.  In a sense what Jesus is saying is that it is not either/or – either be a disciple or be a fisherman – rather it is both/and…  Be both a fisherman and a disciple.

Where are we being reminded to bring the resurrected Christ, to LIVE and share our faith in the every day routines and responsibilities, as Disciples of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

In our every day and seemingly ordinary lives, who do we choose to be by the lives we live, the example we give, and when necessary the words we speak?

Put another way, do people know that we are persons and families of faith, centered in Jesus Christ; centered around Scripture and Eucharist (Mass)?  Are we living our Catholic-Christian Faith?

As the disciples of the Gospel today, Jesus says to us every week: “Come and be nourished!”