Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

For more than 50 years, Nurney Mason was a barber in the United States Hose of Representatives.  Mason cut hair out of a tiny booth in the basement of the Rayburn Office Building.  His stall saw nearly as much history as the floor of the Capital itself.  And every day, he brought not only his barbering skills, but kindness, optimism and encouragement. He would greet everyone, whether powerful Congressman or lowest-level staff,  with a solid handshake and a knowing smile.

Mason stayed upbeat, day after day, the vibrations of his clippers surely jarring his wrists over the 50 years he worked.  One day, one of his customers asked him how he stayed so upbeat and happy all the time.  Nurney Mason replied simply, “I just make it right here.  I create joy where I stand.”

Nurney Mason possessed the heart and soul of the Prophet that Jesus exalts in today’s Gospel.  Such a prophet responds to God’s call to “create joy where I stand.”  To reveal God’s compassion and peace “right here,” wherever he or she lives and works and plays.

“Prophetic Faith” is to seek out every opportunity to use every gift God has given us, to devote every resource at our disposal to make the love of God – a living reality in every life we touch.  Like Nurney Mason, may we “create joy where we stand” every moment of each day, more and more as person, family and Parish.