Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

To watch Fr. Joe’s homily for the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time: CLICK HERE! 

The Scriptures we hear every week are sometimes a bit difficult to understand, let alone live in our present age… Take the first reading today from the Book of Kings.  Elijah sets out to inform Elisha that he is to succeed him as Prophet.  But, as we can obviously discern, this is a life changing moment for Elisha, as is evident in what he does.  Elisha slaughters his 12 yoke of oxen (that is 24 oxen) and uses his plowing equipment to make a fire, then boils the oxen and gives the cooked oxen to the people.

Put another way, this could be compared to a master mechanic melting down all his tools, thus abandoning one’s current means of livelihood in order to following a whole new calling.

One might think or even say, well that is asking a bit much, don’t you think?  Giving up everything to begin a new life, a new occupation?  Well is it?

Every day and for thousands of years, people have made changes in their lives that meant they had to:

  • Do things differently
  • Change their way of living
  • Change their way of thinking
  • Have a different routine or schedule
  • Make room in their lives for another or others
  • Make sacrifices

AND they have and continue to respond daily!

They have done it and continue to do so for their family, their children, fellow human beings…  For justice, for equality, for the environment…

The Scriptures also remind us that as baptized persons we too are being asked daily to really live our faith, not just say I am Catholic or Religious or Spiritual.

We hear and read about and watch stories of athletes and entertainers whose enormous efforts, dedication, and sacrifice led to a rare level of achievement.  And, we applaud such stories, as we should.  We admire those who succeed and the coaches and mentors, and others who supported and inspired their efforts.

The same needs to be happening with our efforts of faith, with the living of our faith; our Baptismal Promises…

Some thoughts to consider that can hopefully point us to actions is:

  • How is my life, as a person of faith, witnessing to love of God and others and faithfulness as a present day Disciple of Jesus in my every day relationships.  How might we do better?
  • How is my life not only one that teaches others, but a life that continues to learn about many things, including my faith.  There is so much we do not know or forgot, that we can learn and share with others, especially our children.
  • How is everyday life calling me to love, to care, to forgive, to share, to live… to WITNESS to our Baptismal Promises to love God, love others, and be Faithful Disciples.  Efforts, dedication and sacrifices that make all the difference today and forever.