Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s Scriptures are a reminder that we are called to speak with integrity.  Or put another way, we are called to practice what we talk about.  It is easy for all of us to look at another and pinpoint the area or areas where they are not living what they talk about (or at least so it seems).

But maybe today is, first of all, not about them, but us…  About our call to continue to work at being who we say we are.  Making our behavior an expression of what we believe.

Maybe today is about making the efforts to assist others in living the faith they and we profess.

Maybe today is about listening to others about their journey of life and faith, as a first step…

Maybe today is about talking about our faith.  We talk about so many things each day: the weather, the Priest, the game… What about our faith?

The Parish has heard me time and time again ask that we share a bulletin, invite others to Parish offerings, share about something that is happening in the Parish (Faith Formation, free books, our Parish App, live streaming, our music ministry)

Maybe today is about taking the next step in living our Faith just a tad more than yesterday and with just a bit more thought or effort.

We gather for an hour each week to hear the Word of God, to be nourished to share the Word of God with those we meet in the coming days through our words and deeds.

It’s been said that our society is becoming less and less religious.  But just because it is said does not mean it needs to continue.  I would suggest that today’s Scriptures are a reminder, I might say a strong reminder that calls you and I to talk about the important things of life, including our Faith…

By our Baptism all of us are called to share God’s word – Good News – with everyone we meet.  Today, tomorrow and hopefully everyday, we will continue to share God’s word of life and love, forgiveness and acceptance, mercy and understanding, with those we interact with through our life of words and actions.

Our God, through his Son, Jesus, came to our world some 2000 years ago and now gives us the Mission to make that obvious in and through our everyday lives in both word and deed.