Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Scripture readings this time of the church year speak of the end times.  St. Paul today reminds the Thessalonians and us that no one knows when the end will come; or to use the Gospel message, when the Master of the House will return.

St. Paul also reminds us not to get too worried, but not to get too comfortable.  You know, God does not give us a time table, rather God gives us possibilities.

The Gospel today is not about getting more money.  Rather the Master wanted his servants of yesterday and his servants of today, to get Involved; to experience what the business of this life is all about!  What are the possibilities that need our attention?

I presume that no one here was able to enjoy the moment of spending $450 Million Dollars to purchase the 600 year old Painting by Leonardo Da Vinci entitled: Salvatore Mundi (translated:  Savior of the World), this past week.

But we do have the ability to enjoy all those moments that make up the time of our lives…

On Friday, there was a story of a train station in the state of Washington that welcomes and assists travelers coming and going.  The unusual thing is not one person is paid, they are all volunteers.

We sing a song here in Church from time to time, “Go Make a Difference” (Gather Music Books – # 775)… And we do make a difference, but if we are really honest, we often leave a lot on the table at times, we miss many opportunities to make a difference.

We all have God given gifts and abilities.  How are we, how can we, use then to make a difference, every day?

There was a story I heard about a child who on her 9th birthday, asked that people not give her gifts, rather, aware of people in various parts of the world who do not have drinkable and safe water, she asked that they contribute $9.00 to a charity that works to get drinkable water to people.  She ended up raising thousands of dollars (from family and strangers).  Talk about making a difference.

Yes we are all busy, but it is amazing when we do come together.  When we see how valuable a financial gift is to making the lives of people better.

When we see how valuable a gift of time for an hour or two or three is once a week or once a month to making the lives of people better.

We come to understand there are countless opportunities every day to make a difference and it’s less expensive than spending $450 Million Dollars on a picture by Da Vinci.

We have all been blessed and we have all been called to be a blessing to others.  This Thanksgiving week, may we give thanks not only for all we have been blessed with and given, but for all the moments and opportunities we have been and can be and will be a blessing for others, which makes a difference in their lives and the world.

We may not know when our Master, our God, will return…  But until that day comes, may we as person, family and Parish, use wisely the gifts of time and talent and treasure, given to us.  Hopeful to hear one day upon the Master’s return the words, “Well done good and faithful servant; come share your Master’s joy!”