Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today throughout our country is Catechetical Sunday – Time set aside to THANK All the Catechists and Teachers who devote their lives to passing on the Gift of Faith.

Today is also a day that reminds us about the importance of learning what the essentials of our faith really are.  The Faith: the teachings of faith are passed on to us beginning at home with parents, grandparents and caregivers.  They are the first teachers through their words and also through their daily lives.

Parents and grandparents are the FIRST to pass on values that can be permanently implanted in the hearts of our children.  But the truth is, we are ALL “Teachers of the Faith.”

Every day, we are all under surveillance by the real eyes in the sky: our children.  No matter what we say, our children and others see what is really important in our everyday living.

In our First Reading today from the Prophet Amos, he addresses the people of his day who think they are good people of God.  But the prophet challenges them to go deeper in the living of their faith.

This challenge by Amos to the people of yesterday is also a good challenge to us the good people of 2016.  We too need to be reminded of what God asks of us, as “People of Faith” today and tomorrow.

The Gospel story today reminds us that there are people who work at doing evil much harder than they work at doing good.  Jesus is not condoning the crooked schemer, rather the story by Jesus is meant to get the listener of yesterday and today to make the effort to do good, plan to do good as a person, family and Parish.

We plan for many things each day, week, each month.  Plans for vacation, for hobbies, for sports, for so many things… What plans are we making for today, tomorrow, next week and beyond that reveal to others the importance of faith & God in our lives?

  • Plans to reach out in kindness to a friend
  • Plans to do an unrequested favor for someone
  • Plans to reach out to a person in need
  • Plans to pray together as a family at home, at Mass each week

Plans that continue to speak of our love of God, love of others and our growing as Faithful Disciples of Jesus today and everyday.

Every weekend, our God has a message for each of us His Disciples of 2016.  Something to write down so we do not forget.  So please do jot down these messages from God meant to be incorporated into our lives more and more and more.  And it you forgot to bring paper and pen, do go to the parish website or app on Monday for my Sunday Homily.

1. Jesus reminds us to Be Trustworthy.  To be reliable, dependable, honest, truthful, ethical and virtuous in our interactions with others and our daily actions of life.

2. Plan to do more Good… Plan to be a better Disciple of Jesus.

3. Pray.  Pray for others for sure, for family, friends, the needy, etc… Pray also for yourself, not because prayer changes God’s will, but rather because prayer opens us up to God’s will.

May we always be People of Faith who continue to be role models to our children and to others each day of all that is good and all this is of God’s goodness.