Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

It is obvious that today’s Gospel story is about praying always and never giving up. The widow in today’s Gospel represents the PRAYING DISCIPLE.

Today’s Gospel reminds us that in situations of insurmountable injustice, especially when we have no power to change it, we are called to pray for those who have the power, as well as the perpetrators.

Yes the widow prayed, as we must, but see that she kept reminding and reminding the judge of the justice she expected.  The prayer of the widow, shows us that she refused to give into the idea that the judge would never change.  She believed that God can transform hearts.

Today’s Gospel just might get us thinking about our resolve to pray for justice, for others, for ourselves…

Just look around our own country for starters: at our political situation, at the injustice and violence that plague our country and world… there is no earthly reason to believe that it can all change.  But, maybe that is exactly the reason our widow friend is held up to us as an example.

As we mature, we realize more and more, of so many situations and relationships that we have little to no control over, but prayer reminds us that the Kingdom of God does not operate on the rules of this world.

Prayer, continued prayer, can keep us going and going until justice reigns.

This might indeed be the answer to the question that ends the Gospel, “when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on Earth?”

There is much for us to pray for as persons, family and Parish… as the Kingdom of God continues to unfold here on Earth, when it comes to justice, human rights, respect for others, for life, faith and so much more.

But, whatever our efforts and actions might be, may they always be wrapped in persistent prayer.