Twenty-Ninth Sunday Ordinary Time

Scripture Readings:     Isaiah 53:10-11;   Hebrews 4:14-16;    Mark 10:35-45

A few weeks ago, we heard the Gospel story of the “rich young man.”  Remember the story?

He was a good man, kept the commandments, but Jesus says there is just one more thing you need to do, “sell what you have and give it to the poor.”  But he could not.

It has been said, that the reason the young man walked away was not because Jesus said, “You can do more.”  Rather the young man walked away, because the young man knew in his heart what he needed to do to follow Jesus.

He could not and walked away “sad,” a word that is used only once in the Gospels.  When we turn from Jesus and walk away, it is always a sad walk.

In our heart, we know right from wrong, we know what we should do, yet there is often a gap between what our heart calls us to do and the living of what is heart felt.   (A gap between our life and the Gospel call of Jesus)

Jesus understands, but he continues to call us through our words and deeds of love to walk closer to His way; the way of life, light, eternal joy.

This weekend, every family, every parishioner of St. Mary’s is being asked to “come together,” to take the “next step” as person, family and Parish to be the Disciples of Jesus who work together to continue the Mission and Ministry of the Gospel of life, joy, compassion, hope, and so much more, here at St. Mary’s, Crescent.

The Mission and Ministry of Jesus Christ, only continues in our day and age, through our sharing of our gifts of time, talent and treasure.

We have all been blessed by God with time, talent and treasure.

Maybe not equally.  But blessed are we all.

What does our Lord ask of you and me?  In short, I would suggest the answer might be:     “Love God, love others, be Faithful Disciples.”

Living the gift of faith is a journey we do not take alone; rather a journey we take with the support of our God and with one another.

Part of our journey of life and faith includes: St.  Mary’s Parish Community, Crescent.

St. Mary’s is the spiritual home for over 1,300 families, over 4,000 people.

St. Mary’s, Crescent is where we gather to pray each weekend at Mass; where we share in the Sacraments of Initiation:  Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation, where we share in the Sacraments of Healing:  Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick; and where we share in the Sacraments of Commitment:  Marriage and Ordination.

St. Mary’s, Crescent is where we support each other in the sharing of the faith with our children, youth and adults; in visiting and supporting our homebound, our sick, our grieving brothers & sisters.

St. Mary’s, Crescent is where we pray for one another, for our brothers and sisters in need, for our deceased brothers and sisters.   St. Mary’s is where we grow in being Faithful Disciples of the Lord and bring Jesus not only to the St. Mary’s Parish Community but to the everyday world!

St. Mary’s, Crescent is where individuals come together to form a community of faith, hope and love that reaches beyond parish boundaries to the community at large, to the Diocese, even to Guatemala.

To sum up, St. Mary’s, Crescent is about all of us, the present day disciples of the Lord, continuing the Mission and Ministry of Jesus Christ!

Beginning this week, St. Mary’s Parish, will be embarking upon a parish size effort – to increase our efforts to continue and support the Mission and Ministry of Jesus, here at St. Mary’s Crescent, financially.

This effort, needs every member of the Parish, to pray and to think about, our personal and our family efforts as Faithful Disciples of Jesus.  In a few days you will receive via the mail a letter from me, asking each of us to take the next step in support of the Mission & Ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; I will ask you to read, reflect upon/pray upon this request and then respond.

May the response of each of us, bring joy to you and your families and joy to God’s people here at St. Mary’s, Crescent and beyond.

As a very wise person said some time ago:  “Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.”

As you review the information coming to your home this week please do what you can;    please pray and listen and respond with your heart.