Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s readings using the vineyard as our focus can lead us in a variety of directions in the area of stewardship.

One of those areas is the “vineyard” we call planet Earth and how are we caring for the gifts of this planet, given to us to watch over.  We hear about things like floods and droughts, global warming and efforts to better use the resources that we have, like water and oil.  I guess the point is, God asks every generation to use what he has given us – in a positive way.  For in reality, we are not the owners, but are the present day caretakers of planet Earth.

This weekend, invites us to look at the ways we as a nation, a people, a family, a person – can be good caretakers in our time.

Certainly there are many efforts – big and small – that show our care and respect for our planet – Earth.  Using its resources not only for our own needs but for others and for future generations.

Sometimes we need to begin with the little things when it comes to caring for this vineyard: planet Earth.  For instance:

+ Avoid Littering – I see fast food containers or empty cans along the road side here by the church all the time. Might I add, if we do see litter on the ground, we can pick it up and place it in a trash receptacle.

+ Return those bottles and cans for your five cents.

+ Recycle to the best of your ability.

+ Avoid waste.  Do we really need a 52 oz. big gulp soda, when all we want is an 8 oz. soda?

+ Turn the water off, I would guess it need not run for the two hours we are in the bathroom each morning.

+ And speaking of turning things off, do turn off the lights when leaving a room, especially at home.  At least when you are the last one out.

Fun fact: if you turn off the faucet or light switch, they can be turned on again.

In our Gospel today, Jesus did not call for the elimination of the rebellious tenants, rather he called for other people to take their place and do what needed to be done.

May we be the people who do what we need to do for our planet and its people for this generation and for the next.