Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Scripture Readings:  Isaiah 5: 1-7;  Philippians 4: 6-9;  Matthew 21: 33-43

The Gospel of Jesus Christ that we hear week after week contains truth for all times and all places and all people.

If we read today’s Gospel thinking that it applies only to the Chief Priests and leaders of the time of Jesus, or the early Christian Church, we miss the point and let ourselves off the hook.

How does today’s gospel story apply to us today?

We have all been blessed by God.  Our lives might be seen as the vineyard.  God blesses us all with abilities and talents.  God blesses us with wisdom and circumstances and the strength to bring fruit out of the vineyard of our lives.

What does God ask of us, of you, of me?  To love others, to care for others, to share our gifts and talents with others, to be good and positive role models (people who make the effort each day) and to pray (this is a big message of Bishop Scharfenberger).

Today’s Gospel most certainly rallies us to join forces to build up the Kingdom of God.

Even Pope Francis noted this past week in his Wednesday audience that we need to use our gifts and talents for the service and the good of others and our community and our churches.

Often we are not sure how we can serve.

Often we think we do not have the tools to help others.

Maybe we need to remember the words of Jesus:  Fear not.

All is from God and God has blessed us with what we need to make our life fruitful.

Almost daily, people share examples of how they are giving back, how they are sharing what they have:

  •  Like the young parent who also teaches Faith Formation…
  •  Like the parishioner who weekly visits a home bound parishioner…
  •  Like the young person who steps forward to be a reader or choir member…
  •  Like the parishioner who assists with landscaping or maintenance…
  •  Like the person who encourages others to join them in a parish activity…
  •  Like the parishioner who invites others to share in God’s love and care and understanding in their community of faith.

This past week, a new parishioner shared that the stained glass windows behind me got her attention while attending Mass.  It goes without saying these stained glass windows of the Corporal Works of Mercy are meant to be lived by us, the disciples of Jesus, today and every day.

On commentator shared recently, “Unfortunately, many of us have become a nation of spectators.  We watch TV and movies, we watch our hand-held devices, we watch other people play sports, and we do not take the field ourselves.  Maybe it is time for us to rise from the bench and get to work.”

As St. Paul shared with us today. “Finally Brothers and Sisters, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely…  Keep on doing what you have learned and see in me.  Then the God of Peace will be with you.”