Vocation Team Wanted

+++  How about becoming a member +++

Often we discuss, even complain, that there is a shortage of Priests, or Deacons, or Religious or even Lay Ministers.

To move from talk to action in the Vocation Arena, Bishop Scharfenberger has asked that every Parish of the Albany Diocese have a VOCATION COMMITTEE or VOCATION TEAM.

Bishop Scharfenberger has shared that “if the only thing the committee did was pray for Vocations, once a week or once month, that this would be a great start.”   Of course the Vocation Committee/Team could do more, but the first thing our St. Mary’s Parish needs to do is form a Vocation Committee.

If interested in becoming a member of the Vocation Committee, please speak with Father Cebula in the coming week or so.

Thanks!     Let us all pray for Vocations!